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Movie Hack Day 2012

The @moviehackday is a full weekend of hacking on all things movies. Anything from building your own recommender system with Mahout, collecting and analyzing movie scripts or throwing together a couple of movie APIs to create something fun or useful (or both). And hey, we all love fancy data visualizations, right?

It will most likely take place on the weekend before the berlinbuzzwords conference. We'll meet in the offices of moviepilot, a movie recommendation community based in beautiful Berlin-Kreuzberg. Hacking will occur on Saturday, Saturnight and through the whole Sunday (beer and pizza will be supplied). We might also watch a movie or two.

We're planning on having some quick introduction talks to begin the hack day, so if you're good at something like data visualization/analysis, movies, interesting apis, or anything that might be good to know, and if you would like to say a few words at the beginning of the hack days, talk to @jannis or send stuff to

Yup, we might need speakers ;-)

When, where?

Movie Hack Day 2012
Moviepilot HQ
Mehringdamm 33, Berlin

This is our office before we moved in. It is golden.

(larger map)


The purpose of this event is having fun and making stuff, so there’s two types of registrations: hacker and slacker. In order to make stuff, hacking is required. Therefore Saturday and Sunday is hackers only, so if you register as a hacker, you gots to write some code! If you don’t want to get your hands dirty and just watch, however, sign up as a slacker and check out the demo session on Sunday.

As there’s very limited seats available: only sign up if you really plan to come.


What's gonna happen?

We will meet up saturday before noon, around 10 and 11. Then we compile a list of APIs and things that could be of use for the hackday (collaboratively), teams who still look for members can pitch their ideas, and then we'll start hacking away.

We can stay in the office as long as it takes, and moviepilot will try to make sure there is a constant stream of water, mate, beer and also pizza. Depending on how long we stay at night, we meet again on sunday morning, hack some more and have the demo sessions some time in the afternoon.

If you have ideas already: ADD THEM TO THE WIKI!!!11


Moviepilot is sponsoring some really nice prizes for the best projects. After the demos we'll choose a winner (one way or another) who is going to win ....drumroll.... THE YET UNDISCLOSED PRIZE


Movie Hack Day is an event organized by Moviepilot GmbH and the Competence Center "Information Retrieval & Machine Learning" of the TU-Berlin, held in association with the berlin buzzwords conference.

Your friendly hosts are @alansaid @alansaid and @jannis @jannis.

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